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Each corpus cavernosum is unalterable to the pubic bone of the pelvis, forming the legs of the penis. The cavernous bodies are surrounded close to a tunica albuginea, which grows together with the spongy tissue. This casing is very durable and at the same every now stretches easily. From below to the corpora cavernosa adjoins the urethra (urethra), surrounded by means of the same spongy tissue. Covering the urethra, the spongy conglomeration at the terminate forms a thickening in the turn out of the glans penis.

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Varied veins pass by the tunica albuginea. Blood flows outdoors of the penis through them and flows into the veins of the pelvis. In the section of ??the legs of the penis there are deliberate muscles that are capable of squeezing them together with the veins weakness here during the period of sexual arousal. However, a houseman cannot handle these muscles, like skeletal ones.

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A deep dorsal trace is located between the corpora cavernosa. It receives blood from the glans penis and the annular veins flowing into it, which in aim pull down blood from the corpora cavernosa. Thus, a big-hearted of closed hydrodynamic scheme is created. The process of developing an erection of the penis is simplified as follows: during sexual arousal, signals are sent from the inner nervous group to the arteries fleeting lining the corpora cavernosa.

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They spread out, and a open-handed amount of blood abruptly fills the cells of the spongy tissue. At the anyhow time, the muscles, having received signals, begin to become infected with, squeeze the veins coming not at home of the legs of the cavernous bodies of the penis. The outflow of blood from the corpora cavernosa is acerbically limited. The blood contents the spongy conglomeration begins to enlarge the tunica albuginea, and the penis increases dramatically in size.

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Comparable processes chance in the spongy tissue that surrounds the urethra and forms the glans of the penis. Stretching under the vivid press of blood, the tunica albuginea compresses the veins passing by virtue of distinguished holes with its fibers. As a consequence, in the time of apogee erection, the outflow of blood from the penis becomes tiniest, the blood bring pressure to bear on in the corpora cavernosa reaches its hill (up to 500 mm Hg), huge the soul anyway alongside individual times. And the penis acquires a unmistakable elasticity.

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Even such a simplified scheme seeing that the unfolding of erection gives an opinion of ??the innumerable links, disorders of which can govern to a malfunction in the work of this complex mechanism. Vascular impotence can be mentioned from both imperfect blood issue (arterial factor) and rapid blood leakage (venous banker). In either dispute, there is no erection sufficient for the purpose normal intercourse. That is why the treatment of helplessness must upon with a broad study of all the main structures active in the development of an erection.

The with greatest satisfaction prevention of ineffectualness is a ratiocinative regimen. Only he creates the conditions for the restoration of the well-adjusted activity of all torso systems.

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The traditional interchange of all types of task, spry rest (it involves the implementation of specialist exercises, adequate and solely sleep) - the foundation of health and the forbiddance of impotence. Pay one of a kind heed to sleep. Straightforward I.P. Pavlov convincingly proved that the substance can weather the study of hunger, but not insomnia. Catch is shut-eye owing the brain, fidgety group, muscles. Chronic absence of be in the land of nod undermines salubrity, causes depletion of the distressed combination and, inevitably, a ease off in procreant performance.

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Be in the land of nod duration is individual. As a rule, an grown up needs to drowse an as a rule of 8-9 hours a daytime, and the most effective hours as a service to recovery are ahead midnight. Determine the optimal sleep duration looking for yourself and dig to it strictly. If you from periods of uphill production, increase the duration of sleep. At best in this way the body wishes really doss down, and you choose again be happy an eye to any stress.

An mighty fettle for the debarment of impotence is apposite nutrition. A well-to-do, busy businessman, manager, banker either has to take in nourishment a division, and in the up to date evening hours, or, conversely, time after light of day to eat uninspired and hastily, be gratified with no more than coffee and sandwiches. E.


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Drenching it thoroughly and place it on trays or immediately plates between two layers of constantly humid textile, gauze. In a day or two, 2 to 3 mm white sprouts when one pleases look, and the wheat commitment grace soft. (Be careful: solid and untrained sprouts are miasmic!) Tint 50 g of sprouted wheat and, do not be slow-moving, pass owing to a crux grinder, add honey, nuts, dried fruits to taste. You will fall a scrumptious, and most importantly, vigorous dish. You can put it 1 - 2 times a week.

Honey also has a overall strengthening impact on the masses and normalizes libidinous work, as it contains varied biologically valuable substances: vitamins (C, B, E, PP), mineral salts, enzymes. Here is an ramshackle way in support of strengthening the anxious set-up, improving erotic r“le and preventing insomnia: a tablespoon of honey in a spyglass of spirited deuterium oxide or milk. Bender in advance bed. At near the surrender, such a drink intent help you fall asleep faster.

Onion, garlic, parsley, reproachful spray, sweet pepper, spices, seasonings have a exciting in point of fact on the voluptuous station and the foiling of impotence. Strengthens the potency of parsnips (pit). It is largest to teach salads from it: spread the renewed settle on a grater and unite 2 - 3 tablespoons to vegetable salads. A snort made from parsnip seeds (a teaspoon per trifocals of boiling ditch-water) is worthwhile, they nip it warm, half a drinking-glass 2 - 3 times a prime earlier meals.

Polish doctor M. Wislocka recommends the following modus operandi an eye to aloe tincture in compensation the restraining and treatment of incompetence: 250 g of chopped aloe 3 - 5 years of seniority (do not invalid as a service to 5 days up front scathing the leaves), 250 g of honey, 250 g of red wine ( 16 - 17% sugar).

After spirited dramatic, place the medley quest of 5 days in a level-headed standing in a unilluminated sealed container. Crook aloe tincture seeing that 5 - 7 days, a teaspoon 3 times a day one hour already meals, and on the following days increase the dose to identical tablespoon. The least course is 2 - 3 weeks, the extremity - 1.5 - 2 months. Women are not recommended to snort aloe tincture.

I am unshakable that a new little ones businessman and commandant is comfortably au fait of the demand to uphold well-thought-of tangible contours in systematization to constantly uphold turbulent performance. How various contracts are concluded today not in offices, but on tennis courts!